Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Grassroots Art Center

Sitting behind us at church on Sunday was a lady that worked at the Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, KS which is less than 10 miles from Lake Wilson. She invited us to visit the center, so we did on Monday morning. Expecting a small local art gallery that would probably take less than a hour to explore, we were surprised.

When we arrive in Lucas, we parked right in front of an elaborate toilet.The restroom entrance is a mosaic oval lid. It features re-purposed glass bottles, travel plates, quotations, hubcaps, tail lights, license plates, dishes, etc. The curved area in front forms the bowl.

To the right is a large roll of toilet paper made out of concrete.

The art center states it is ordinary people making extraordinary art. I seriously doubt these artist are ordinary. To participate,the artists must be self taught and not have an art degree. In the first part of the exhibit, the art looked a bit primitive. The exhibit pieces, mostly yard art, were taken from all over the country from folks that seem to have an obsessive need to create. Apparently they produced hundreds of pieces and had them displayed in their yard.

As we progressed through the museum and into the court yard, we saw some amazing pieces of art.

Post rock limestone posts with elaborate carvings (note the face carved into the post.) One has to wonder how a farmer, after cutting fence post from limestone, had time to carve them.

Full scale sculptures of cars and motorcycles made from soda can pull tabs.

Many sculptures  carved from rock

Chewing gum cameos.

These are only a few of the amazing pieces we saw in the main gallery.
Then we were taken to the foil lined house, created by Artist Mri Pilar.

We were greeted by goddess, Isis.

This is one room, there are three more just as full.

Including the Re-Barb Room, recycled Barbie dolls. 

We spent a couple of hours and didn't see everything. For anyone traveling I-70 through Kansas, it is worth a stop. 

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