Monday, August 31, 2015

Wilson, Kansas

In Wilson, Kansas one will find the Heinzes, the Jannes, the Hanzliceks, the Dolezals, as well as bierocks (a filled sandwich of cabbage, potatoes, onions and beef) and kolaches (a Czech filled
pastry.) You will also find the largest Czech egg in the world. You probably have guessed, Wilson is a community settled by Germans and Czechs. Captain has deep roots in Wilson where he spent time in the summers with his grandparents.

We attended the family church home, Immanuel

Since it is harvest time the windows and alter are decorated with beautiful woven wheat adornments.

Located a few miles outside of town is Wilson Lake where we camped at a Corps of Engineers campground. It was very quiet and peaceful. There was a large group camping nearby which we thought was probably a family reunion. We were wrong, they were a church group that had gathered for a baptismal service in the lake.

Like many small towns in the mid-west, Wilson is on the decline. Once a thriving community, it now has empty storefronts. The children and grandchildren of the farmers have moved to the city. Crop farms are being subsidized with windmill farms.

The best thing we found in Wilson is Cousin Wilma. She is in her late 80's and is a joy to visit.

While driving the pick-up, unknown to us a a bungee cord broke. We left a very nice front bicycle wheel some where on a rural Kansas country road. With luck our friend, Tim, at Cycology in Maryville, TN will be able to build a new one and ship it to us.

On Saturday, we back-tracked to Abilene to visit the Eisenhower Museum. We did three museums in three days; we have had our history fix for now.

This evening we are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary in a Walmart parking lot in Goodland, Kansas.


  1. Sorry about your bike wheel. Looks like you had a nice flat campground site.