Monday, September 7, 2015

And the Journey Continues

Wandering across Utah and Nevada the past three days, spending two nights dry camping in Walmart parking lots, we are now at the Gold Ranch RV Resort and Casino on the Nevada/California border. (No we haven't tried our luck.)

With the portable satellite dish, we were able to watch the Aggie win over Arizona State while parked in a Walmart parking lot.

After being in The Wanderer for three days, ABN was happy to be someplace where she could practice yoga.

Utah was an interesting drive, Nevada was pretty but got boring after awhile.
Great Salt Lake

Bonneville Salt Flats (Yes that is salt we are standing on..)
This is a lot of what we saw in Utah and western Nevada.
Today we drove over to Lake Tahoe, one of our very favorite places on earth. Having never been on the Nevada side, we started there and drove all the way around.
More photos of Lake Tahoe to come as we plan to return in a couple of weeks, hopefully with the tandem. We had a beer at Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company and noticed they had a porter float on the dessert menu, I think we will have to give that a try! 

Tomorrow we will be in wine country!

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