Sunday, September 13, 2015

All Zinned Out (Almost)

Since our last post, we have been exploring the Dry Creek region of Northern Sonoma County in California. This is not our first visit. Why do we continue to return? The zinfandel wine! For our palate, we have found the Dry Creek region to be the best and we were not disappointed this trip. We revisited only one winery from our previous trips, Truett-Hurst. The wine is very good but what we really
like is the setting and the tasting room staff. Sometimes we think our palette is greatly influenced by our experiences. In addition to growing grapes, Truett-Hurst has a vegetable garden as well as a goat, of course that resonates with ABN! We happened to be tasting with a delightful young couple from Minneapolis that were on their honeymoon.  They were bicycling along the wine trail, which we did a few years ago and had intended to do this trip; that was before we lost our front wheel in Kansas. Given the temperature was 106 degrees, we were not unhappy to have a good excuse to drive instead.

Out of the 12 wineries we visited we found a few from which we will probably order and have hopes to visit again. Unti  (where we discovered the grape (montepulciano), Mauritson (for their Rockpiile collection), and maybe Mazzoco (one of the Wilson Family Wineries) It is interesting that once a wine tasting room representative (is there a title for that person?) knows one's varietal preference, he/she will recommend another winery. Cameron at Unti suggested we taste at Foppiano. We really liked their zinfandel and, surprisingly, their chardonnay. Foppiano has a great patio where they do the tastings at picnic tables adding the chance for
conversation with other tasters. We spent quite a bit of time talking with a couple from Orlando as well as with Pete and Lil, who happen to be local. Pete and Lil suggested another tasting room, Pezzi King, tucked away in downtown Healdsburg. I think it maybe our best find so far. A very small winery with one of the more unique sauvignon blancs we have tasted, as well as a very smooth, full bodied zinfandel. Reasonably priced ($22 - $32 bottle) I am sure we will become a regular customer. Pezzi King is another Wilson Family winery.

The temperatures  in Cloverdale exceeded 100 degrees each day during our visit. Without the humidity, we found it not too uncomfortable and dined outside most of the time.

We ended our time in northern Sonoma County celebrating the marriage of the son of good friends from eastern Tennessee. A beautiful couple with a beautiful future.

After a stop at the Farmer's Market in Healdsburg, we wandered on over to El Dorado County where we were greeted with a haze of smoke. A few days ago a wild fire broke out in the adjoining county of Amador. We were told it was about 45 minutes away and moving away from us. Keeping our fingers crossed!

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