Monday, April 3, 2017

All is well in Aggieland

and we are on our way home.

So much fun now that we are all retired (except for nephew, Matt, who is just starting his career in Austin.)
Taking advantage of the weekday option, we ventured out to Washington on the Brazos State Park (for those that may not know, this is where the Republic of Texas was founded in 1836) for a picnic

and to see the lovely wildflowers.

We didn't. (Fortunately we didn't see any.)

Returning to College Station we had to stop at Antique Rose Emporium near Brenham (one of ABN’s favorite nurseries.)

Couldn’t leave without making a purchase

Saturday found us at a wine tasting for the Wine to Water fundraiser to help our friend, Janet raise money for a very much needed clean water initiative in underdeveloped countries.
That’s Janet in the middle.
Of course we couldn’t be in College Station on a Tuesday and not go to book club.

This week's selection was not one of our favorites.
Now to finish the master bedroom make over (no I did not find an orange chair) and prepare for our summer adventure.

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