Monday, September 21, 2015

Saying Good-bye for now.

"Just where did we go wrong?"
After not being on the tandem for about a month, we headed to Folsom (yes, like in the prison) on Friday to ride the American River Bike Trail. We rode it a few years back and knew it would be a beautiful ride. We would like to say it was a perfect ride (and it was almost.) Toward the end of the ride, we made one little miscalculation and found ourselves trying to cross a busy street. We advanced across the first lane of traffic, and were waiting in the middle for a break to cross over to the bike lane. Apparently that was not acceptable. We did make it safely to the bike lane; in the process we learned California has their share of rednecks as we were called  "stupid," "idiots," etc. by passing motorists.

It is a beautiful trail and we would have loved to share a few of the many photos and video's we shot, but ABN accidentally deleted all of them. Here are a couple from 2012.

Another gorgeous California farmers' market, this one is in Placerville.

And we discovered The Fork Lift, for lack of a better description; it is like a Whole Foods on steroids.

Where could we possibly store all of our produce purchases in The Wanderer's
small galley? In a produce hammock, of course!

Enjoying the bounty from the Farmers Market; roasted vegetables and peaches on the Green Egg and fresh ravioli.

Although the fire continues to burn in southern Amador County, it is mostly contained and the smoke has pretty much cleared here in El Dorado County. Sunday, with our wine maker friend, we wandered over to northern Amador County to do some tasting. We were pleased to find the smoke had pretty much cleared there also.

Tasting Room at Wilderotter, Their Ambrosia is a very good blend

Bill and Randy at Borjon, which continues to be a favorite.
This evening we said good-bye to Placerville, our friend, Bill and our friends at Wine Smith. The wine, music and people of El Dorado County feed our souls and makes us hungry to return.

Tomorrow we will pack up and point The Wanderer toward Paso Robles.


  1. sounds like the rv life is working out well so far!!! I didn't see any embroidery projects in the pics, though!!! :)

  2. Sad to say, I haven't made much progress. But I have done some art journaling; hopefully I will have some down time in College Station.