Monday, August 8, 2016

Our 4th Annual Texas BBQ is now in the books.

In spite of the heat and humidity, 40 of our friends joined us on the patio and carport for our annual Texas barbecue on Saturday evening. This is an event to which we look forward every year. Yes, it is a bit of work to spruce up the outdoor living space, load and unload tables and chairs, prepare food and clean-up. But it is worth every bit of the time and energy we spend to see our favorite people all together. (And we do have a little help from some of our friends.)

We like to think we are bringing folks together from our different social circles so they  can become acquainted. In reality, we have found birds of a feather flock (or sit) together. So we have tables of church friends, tables of former co-worker friends, and tables of bicycling friends.

After an interruption by listeria, we were happy to have Blue Bell (the official ice cream of Texas) back this year. Folks had a choice of Homemade Vanilla, Rocky Road, Cherry Vanilla, Butter Crunch or Cookies ‘n Cream. (Sadly, Blackberry Cobbler is not yet available.)
In an earlier blog post, we shared our recipes for the barbecue menu of beef brisket (with Captain’s barbecue sauce,) macaroni and cheese, and Jean’s beans. Since we often get requests for the recipes, we are adding them to a separate blog page (see tab at top) to make it easy for folks to print.

The Wanderer is out of storage and being readied for our next road adventure. Stay tuned!

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