Monday, August 15, 2016

Can we boast a bit?

After a jam-packed summer our girls are back in school. The pretense of this post is, our families are interested (and maybe they are.) The reality, we are quite enamored and love to talk about them.

After eight weeks of dance intensive, Camille returned to Fort Walton High School last week for her sophomore year.

She will attend classes at the high school 4 hours a day, then she will go to the Northwest Florida Ballet Acadamie for her electives in dance. She will also teach an evening class at the academie.

Today Alison started her senior year at Navarre High School where she is the Brass Captain in the high school band.

Driving her dad's Prius

It was quite an exciting and busy summer for Alison. In June she spent 3 weeks in Greece with her school's AP Science teacher and a group of his students. In addition to exploring and scuba diving they did environmental and marine science research. In July she headed to Belize for a 2 week adventure with the Gold Star Teen Adventure program where she did more scuba diving, hiked and camped in the jungle and survived a hurricane.

What is the GSTA program? I'm glad you asked. From the GSTA web site: The founder is Kent Solheim, a special operations service member and father of two that was very seriously wounded in combat in Iraq in 2007 ultimately losing his right leg. (Our note, Kent is a truly remarkable man that is an excellent role model for the teens. He is a hands-on example of succeeding in spite of adversity.)The program promotes healing, mentorship, opportunity, in addition to leadership and character building to the children of the fallen special operation comrades. It is truly an awesome organization for which we could write a lengthy accolade and description (and probably get the facts wrong,) so why not click on over to their web site and read it for yourself. After reading it, make a donation if you are so inclined or do what we do, designate them for your Amazon Smile recipient and they will receive .05% of your Amazon purchases (and you will be a patriot.)

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  1. beautiful girls, and beautiful family they come from ! Thank you for sharing Chris !