Monday, August 29, 2016

First stop, Percy Priest Lake

The first stop on our Fall 2016 Adventure was Percy Priest Lake east of Nashville. We parked The Wanderer at Seven Points, a quiet, peaceful Corps of Engineer campground, where we could watch the deer in the evening.

Finding the Stones River section of the Music City Greenway Trail located nearby; we ignored Friday’s heat and humidity, loaded the tandem on the pickup and went to the trailhead. It was a lovely ride, at least for 8 miles before the dreadful flat tire fiasco.

“No worries,” Captain said. “I came prepared with a spare tire, 2 tubes and 3 CO2 cartridges. It will only take a few minutes to change the tube and we will continue on.” But, wait; there is a cut in the tire so it will have to be changed also, only a little extra time. Dang it, the tube got pinched and now there is a hole in the new tube. Thank goodness we had a second spare. “What, why are there cracks in the tube and it won't hold the CO2?” (Maybe we should carry our spare tubes in the handlebar bag instead of strapping them to the seat post.) Okay, we have one CO2 cartridge left, Captain will patch the original tube and we will head back to the truck.

(In the meantime, ABN is taking photos and making plans to walk the short distance to Opry Mills and call a cab to take us back to the truck.) And then a Good Samaritan arrives in a 1953 Chevrolet truck. (Actually he arrived on a bicycle; his truck was parked just a short distance up the trail.) He loaded the tandem on his truck and took us back to our pickup.
Thank you, Paul Goodman!

Saturday we experienced the Nashville scene with our friends, Melissa and John. After coffee and sweets in their condo in West End, we headed to the Farmer's Market. 

We put away our produce and walked around Cheekwood Botanical Garden looking at the International Playhouse exhibit,

working up a thirst (not to mention a sweat) which led us to look for a smoothie bar. With the afternoon heat and humidity, it seemed like a good idea to take in the Bellissima! The Italian Automotive Renaissance, 1945–1975   at the Frist Center.

Dinner was at The Old School , a new farm to table restaurant just a short drive west. We ended the evening up on the roof of their condo.

On Sunday we went to the greenway trailhead at Shelby Park in East Nashville and rode back to the point where we flatted on Friday. It is a very nice, well used greenway trail. It happened there was a half marathon and 10k in progress when we arrived as well as several walkers, dog walkers, a skateboarder and other cyclists using the trail.

We rode the trail into downtown Nashville for a nice little 15 mile ride.

Later we discovered a neat art area in East Nashville. (ABN is thinking “when can I return without Captain?")
The Idea Hatchery

 We couldn't be in the Nashville area and not see some of our Murfreesboro family.
ABN with Nieces, Tia and Kim

Thank you Kim, Tia and Brantley for driving out to the lake for a visit.
Today we will wander over to Townsend and hang out with our East Tennessee friends. Be patient, Texas, we are on our way.

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