Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Revisiting the Past

What is it about entering the evening of our lives that makes us want to reconnect with those from our past? Captain and I had this discussion as we headed west to visit with his cousins whom we had not seen in about 15 years. These are not particularly close cousins, as they grew up several hundred miles away, seeing them once or twice a year. So why, when we heard they were going to be only 370 miles from us, we jumped at the chance to drive over for a short afternoon visit? Why does so much of our travel involve visiting friends from our youth, former co-workers, friends that have moved away and long-lost cousins? Well, we do like to reminisce and we genuinely want to know how they are doing. But we think the main reason we seek out our friends of long ago is we find they are even more interesting as they age. (Or maybe as we age.)

These are the folks that drew us to Eureka Springs, Arkansas this week. Cousin David lives there, Cousin Chuck is visiting from Billings, Montana, and Cousin Jane is in from Embudo, New Mexico. David and his wife have renovated a historical home, doing most of the labor themselves. Chuck uses his skill as a dentist to treat underprivileged children. When not traveling, Jane and her husband help out a bit at Vivac Winery, owned by their sons. Interesting lives, wouldn't you say? We spent a delightful afternoon reminiscing and catching up.

While in Eureka Springs, we took David's advice and had dinner at Casa Colina, one of best Mexican restaurants in which we have eaten.
Friends and family, old and new, are so much a part of what makes our retirement years rich. Beware, if you are out there and we haven't seen you in a while, you may find The Wanderer parked in your driveway!

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