Monday, July 4, 2016

It's all about collecting friends.

We were happy to be in College Station to celebrate Captain’s birthday as well as the birthdays of his mom and sister-in-law.

Captain says the best part of getting old is the friends we collect along the way.  It was great fun to reconnect with some of the friends he collected as a youngster by reuniting at his 45th high school reunion.

We have found it interesting that those friends we were not especially close to in high school are the ones we truly enjoy as “older adults.”

Since retirement we have spent a great deal of time in College Station not only hanging out with old friends but making new ones by joining the Tuesday night "book club" at Carney’s.

Book of the Week

Keeping with the “friend theme” for this trip, we stopped in Kilgore, TX to have Tipsy Tuesday with Captain’s very first friend, Christine and our newest friend, Mark.

We are now headed home to enjoy the rest of the summer with our hometown friends.

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