Sunday, July 17, 2016

The answer

to the unspoken question of our neighbors, "What's he building now?"

It is a plant deck! Not only will it hold plants but it has multiple purposes. The primary is to provide access to the roof-line that holds heat cables which prevents ice dams in the winter. In addition it covers an eye sore of a bed where nothing ever grew successfully.

Last, but certainly not least, it created an outdoor wall for ABN to decorate. 

Inspired by all the colorful geraniums hanging on the walls and beneath the windows in Italy, the plan is to have boxes on each level with pink, orange and lavender geraniums. It’s a bit late for this year but ABN couldn’t leave the deck barren so she scoured up some old planters from the garden and found the last of some lantana at Lowes. Hmm, maybe the lantana will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Maybe the plan will change.

Conveniently it is located just outside the entrance to her craft studio; an appropriate spot for our creative statement. 

Yes, ABN made the sign in her studio.

Over the past eleven years we have transformed our little cottage into a home that reflects our passion. It has become a canvas for our creative outlets. Sometimes it is a matter of putting a band-aide over a problem like peeling paint on kitchen cabinet doors. The house was sold in a foreclosure auction and flipped to us. Unfortunately the flipping upgrades were not done with quality materials. The cabinet doors were replaced by inexpensive ones from the big box store. The plan is for Captain to build nice doors, but not just yet. There are 28 doors and 9 drawers, so it will be a major project to follow a couple other major projects. So ABN to the rescue! Out comes the white chalk paint and Sharpies.
This should be fun for a few years.

It is great to be home having Tipsy Tuesday on our porch
and enjoying our small town pleasures, like concerts at the riverfront. 

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