Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Texas, where ordinary is (bigger) just different.

Texas thinks it is a country all to itself; well that may be a bit of an overstatement. However as we travel throughout the state, we do recognize there is a unique culture. (Actually Captain is a native Texan, so no surprise to him.)

No question most Texans are proud of their state and their country. How often do you see state flags flying except at state buildings? Shortly after crossing the Texas state line, how soon do you see the Lone Star, not only at public buildings but on businesses and private property, usually alongside the U.S. Flag.


And they are proud of their food (if you have ever mentioned barbecue, chili or ice cream to Captain, well then you can skip this paragraph.) From the cowboys came the beef brisket barbecue and Texas Chili, from their Mexican neighbors came hot peppers and tamales, from the Germans and Czechs came sausage and kolaches, from the Aggies, Blue Bell Ice Cream. (Of course all of it is the best in the country.)

Remember the Texas version of a wrap?

As we mentioned in an earlier post, we have enjoyed traveling on the secondary roads which are often four lanes and the speed limit is 75 mph. And what do you see traveling these highways? Not many Priuses or smart cars, but quite a few big gas guzzling, four wheel drive pick-ups. (There's that bigger thing.)

And then there are the one stop convenience stores where ordinarily one can buy gas, soft drinks, milk and a souvenir. Have you ever stopped at an Aggie owned Buc-ee's. ? In addition to 80-100 gas pumps, you can do Christmas shopping, get a sandwich or pizza for lunch and pick up something at the deli to take home. For small town ABN, this was quite impressive, and then we stopped at Slovacek's.

Art Gallery

Yep, all in

and around the convenience store.

We have had a great time hanging out with our Texas family and friends,
including a gathering to plan a new adventure with new friends.

Our heart strings are being pulled toward the Florida panhandle. The Wanderer is packed and ready to roll.

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