Sunday, March 13, 2016

Greetings from The Sunshine State

where we are soaking in the warmth of our family.

We arrived in Navarre in time to watch our oldest granddaughter perform in her high school's Music Performance Assessment. Here is a short clip of her trumpet solo in one of the numbers her band performed. (If you are reading this via an email, you may need to click on the blog post title to go to the web site in order to view the video.)

The same weekend, our youngest granddaughter performed the role of a princess and was also the lead dragonfly in the Northwest Florida Ballet production of The Nutcracker. Whoops, that was suppose to say Cinderella!

They do keep their mom on the road driving them to school, practices and rehearsals! We are quite happy to help while we are here.

The Wanderer is parked at the Navarre Beach RV Park (not a beach-front spot but only a short walk.)

Fortunately we are enjoying some nice sunny weather. While Captain is screening in the lanai at the girl's home, ABN will be getting in some Grandma time.  Since we will be here for a few weeks, he should be able to get the project completed and still have time to do some exploring on the tandem (and watch basketball.) Gig'em Aggies!

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