Monday, March 28, 2016

Home Again

Wandering through Georgia, we lingered a couple of days near our niece's home in Cumming. It always is a treat to sit by their outside fireplace, sip wine, reminisce and catch-up.

Dave is quite the accomplished chef and always delights us with a treat from his grill or smoker. Lucky us, we got a sample from both; one evening it was grilled shrimp fajitas and the next evening was apple wood smoked turkey.

While this might not look edible, after the smoked skin was peeled away a wonderful, succulent, apple wood smoke flavored turkey appeared. It was beyond delicious!

We also scored a couple bottles of his salted caramel port. Wow! Did I tell you he is quite talented?

Continuing on toward home on Sunday, we overnighted in a Walmart parking lot in Murfreesboro, TN so we could get a little visit with our family in that area. We were so busy catching up, we neglected to take photos!

This trip was largely about family as we were able to spend time with siblings and siblings-in-laws, a cousin, nieces, nephews, daughter-in-law, granddaughters, the last surviving parent and meet our newest great-great niece.

Our souls are pretty well fed as we return home to a weedy, but blooming garden,

neatly sorted mail (thank you Mark,)

dinner provided by our dear friend, Jean, tons of dirty laundry, nine hours of Dowton Abbey, consistently speedy internet and our hometown friends who bring us much joy.

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