Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Farewell Florida

The monkeys are screened in (if only we could!)

The lanai in now screened,

mulch has been spread,

new curtains, pictures and shelves hung,
strawberry bed amended,
cookies baked,
sewing project completed,

and one birthday celebrated, 

 We also survived a miraculous Aggie comeback!

No transportation needs this week as our girls have left town for spring break.

Taking a vacation day before hitting the road again, we started the day at Another Broken Egg in Destin. I mention this as a potential interest to our hometown friends. Rumor is one will open in the new downtown hotel. We often eat here when visiting in Florida; always at least a 20 minute wait for a table. Captain usually orders the Cinnamon Roll French Toast.

We have been visiting the Florida Panhandle several times a year since the kids moved here 8 years ago. We have heard a lot about the South Walton Beaches (Seaside, Rosemary, Grayton, etc.) but have never taken the time to experience them. So today we drove the scenic Hwy 30A. We couldn't actually see the beaches due to all the condos. Of course it is spring break season so it is very crowded, making it difficult to find the public beaches as well as parking spaces. 

The beaches, though crowded, are beautiful.

Seaside looks like it could be a fun place, especially for children, teens

and dogs.

Clever way to provide cold water for the dogs.

I think we shall return with the tandem to explore when it isn't spring break.

Watching our girls turn into young ladies certainly feeds our souls!

We are now ready to meander through Georgia, toward home.

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