Friday, May 26, 2017

Our (current) Neighborhood

Nestled among tents, cabins, pop-ups, 5th-wheels, big Class As, and small Teardrops, The Wanderer is enjoying a diversity of campers.

 Beachy colored cabins, (For those that have asked about the cabin rental, here is a link)

with clever names,

whimsical art,

meticulously clean (we see the staff riding around all day in these cute little carts, cleaning and maintaining the grounds,)

friendly staff, air conditioned fitness room (perfect for ABN to practice yoga and strengthing exercises) and conveniently located only a couple of miles from the girls’ home, the Navarre BeachCampground has been the perfect spot to spend the past two weeks. Last spring we spent the month of March here so we knew it would be a fit for us. A welcome surprise this visit was the upgrade to the campground wifi.

We could hardly be in Navarre without seeing Camille perform. We are very proud of our ballerina and want to share with you a video of her performance at the Northwest Florida Ballet end of the year demonstration.

Graduation is tomorrow; it has been so much fun being a part of all the festivities. Beware; there will be a lot of photos to share!

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