Monday, May 1, 2017

Quilt Week 2017 is now a memory.

Quilt Week in Quilt City USA is a big event when our little city more than doubles its population.(That would be more than 30,000 mostly ladies in town for the week.)  For the past ten years we have opened our home to quilters from various places throughout the country. This year it was a pleasure to host quilter's from Captain's hometown (also known as Aggieland.) They arrived during Tipsy Tuesday

surprising us with a beautiful Quilt of Valor in honor and memory of ABN's son,  Lt Col J. Darin Loftis, KIA in Afghanistan in 2012. 

For four days the quilters shopped, looked at award winning quilts, shopped, attended classes and shopped. Each evening we had show and tell. 

Captain's long time friend and classmate, Linda, took some time-out to catch up.

Captain took the ladies to Taste of Kentucky at our church
where they sampled pulled pork, the best potato salad in Kentucky, green beans (of course) and Derby Pie. (ABN was one of the volunteers for the fund raiser with the proceeds going to our local Boys and Girls Club.)

All too soon, it was time to say good-bye. With credit cards well worn and car fully loaded,

they returned to College Station.

And we are turning our attention to our next road adventure. 

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