Sunday, November 13, 2016

Life is better......

with friends; sage advice from Captain's mom as we celebrated the 95th birthday of her longtime friend, Alice.

The families met at Trinity Lutheran Church in Tyler, TX in 1952, about a year before Captain was born, and have remained close friends throughout the years. You have probably heard Captain talk about (and maybe have seen photos) of his lifetime friend, Christine.

She is the daughter of Alice. Captain was born the day before Christine turned 1-year old. Together they celebrated their birthdays, attended the one-room parochial school and played house (yes, there is a photo of Captain playing the mom.) Word has it they did their share of fussing and fighting.

Speaking of "old friends," Captain was lucky enough to be in town November 4 when a classmate received a long overdue letter jacket at the A&M Consolidated High School football game.

A really neat story, so I am posting a link here.
The CHS class of 1971 is a very special class that has remained close over the years. Twenty members of the class gathered to celebrate the event and attend the game. 

And we have new friends up in Coppell, Texas (the ones with whom we shared our Italy adventure in May.) Last week we took The Wanderer 

up to Lake Lewisville (another excellent Corps of Engineers campground)

so we could spend a bit of time catching up. It just so happened we were there on a Tuesday.
Tipsy Tuesday in Coppell, TX
This friend thing just gets better! One of our very good friends from home joined us in College Station over the weekend. We introduced Roger to some of our College Station friends at the 501 Club as we watched the sun set from Rudder Tower.

What is the 501 Club? It is a group of retired or almost retired folks that gather at The University Club in Rudder Tower no earlier than 5:01 p.m. on Thursday (The cost of parking drops to $1 per hour after 5:00 p.m.)

Roger joined Captain for the Mississippi/A&M game on Saturday.

Another event this week that didn’t turn out as expected.

Mom is right, life is better with friends. We are grateful our group of friends includes folks that are different from us on so many levels. May we never let differences become more important than friendship.

By the way, know anyone that is looking for tickets to the A&M/LSU game? (Can’t believe how quickly a team can fall from play-off contender to “let’s just get this season over with.”)

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