Saturday, October 29, 2016

Off we go on a midweek adventure……

On Thursday evening at Faculty Club, Scott says "Lisa wants a road trip." "Okay, where do you want to go?" "I don't know, where do you want to go?" Captain says "How about Lost Maples again?"  "Nah" says Scott, "we were there a couple of weeks ago." We say "Talk to Lisa and let us know." Next day Lisa calls, "How about Mustang Island in North Padre?" "When do you want to go?" "How about Monday", "I'll make reservations?" So that is how this week's adventure began. (The spontaneity of retirement, got to love it!)

We load The Wanderer, program the GPS and meet Lisa and Scott at 8:30 a.m. Monday morning. Scott says "Ever been to Goliad?" "No." "It's a neat little town not too far out of the way, let's stop there for lunch."

And this is Goliad.

We had lunch at

which got its name from the "hanging tree" across the street.

At one time court was held under the tree. If the sentence was hanging, justice was carried out immediately on the tree.

After a quick look at Presidio La Bahía in Goliad State Park,

we head on down the road, 

No, Ozzie didn't drive (but he wanted too!)

through (or was it around) Corpus Christi to Mustang Island State Park.

ABN with Izzy 

Lisa with Ozzie and Izzy 

Scott and Captain were high school classmates;

Scott seems to know the whereabouts of just about everyone from high school, including Tom (aka the Handsome Sailor). Just so happens, Tom owns a Tiki Bar and charters sailboat excursions from Aransas Pass, just up the coast from Mustang Island. Off we go to see if we can catch up with him. 

And we did.

Captain hadn't seen Tom since graduation 45 years ago. Such fun catching up and knowing he is living his dream. Check out Handsome Sailor Charters.

we learn there is a Kempt's ridley sea turtle at the sea life rehab center, a must see since it is the  Texas state turtle.

 While there we saw other turtles,


a bird (now what is it’s name?),

a monitor lizard,

and some snakes.

 Doc's restaurant was recommended by several folks, so we stopped for lunch;

and we understand why. The grilled shrimp with coconut cream sauce was over the top good.

Evenings found us watching the World Series (Go Cubs!) and eating Campfire Quesadillas. 

Heading back to College Station, a voice comes over the walkie talkie "Shiner Bock Brewery is just a little off the route, want to stop?" "Sure." Didn't get there in time for the tour but we did get the free beer samples and a tee shirt.

A little further down the road we stop at

Captain's dad used to stop there when he was roaming the state for the Texas Extension Service. He would always return home with a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Bread.

So did we.

Another great adventure with great friends! It would have been perfect except something, maybe red tide, stirred up Captain's allergies. Those that know him, well you know what that means (hack, cough, snort, blow, etc.)

Before arriving back in College Station, Scott comes across the walkie talkie again

"Ever been to Enchanted Rock up near Fredericksburg?" (Love exploring with these two four!)

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