Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fall Adventure 2016 has come to an end.

After traveling for about 6 weeks through the hot and muggy Southeast in The Wanderer followed by another 7 weeks in warm, sticky College Station, TX, we came home to rain and mild temperatures.

The front of the house was almost as we left it, roses still blooming and the lawn, although brown, neatly mowed (Thank you, Mark.)

Inside we found three months of mail sorted and neatly stacked (Thank you, Mark.)

And then there is the back,

and more leaves,
and of course weeds. 

Without rain for about 3 months only a few of the geranium cuttings (on the rack) ABN took before we left made it. But the mother plants still have some life. (Looks as though the squirrels may have had a party on the rack.)

Not all is lost, the geraniums on the patio survived so ABN can take more cuttings. (Yeah!)

Shortly after our arrival home, our friend, Jean stoped by and not empty handed. Thank you, Jean, for the most delicious ham/bean soup, fruit salad and bread from Kirchhoff's; perfect dinner for a cool rainy day!

We had a fantastic fall adventure hanging out with friends in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. It is sad to see that one of our very favorite places is now being engulfed with fire. Our friends in North Carolina and East Tennessee are in our thoughts and prayers.

Now that we are home we must get busy and give The Wanderer a good cleaning and a couple of upgrades before putting her away for the winter. ABN is excited to be back in her studio in time to do some Christmas crafting. We are both excited to catch up with our hometown friends. ABN wants to continue her walking explorations. When will she ever get around to raking those leaves!? (Captain is copping out on the leave raking citing his extreme seasonal allergies. Not to worry, ABN has started a list of inside chores to keep him busy.)

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