Sunday, December 11, 2016

Keeping in touch

as promised to friends and family.

We are settling in for the winter with a bit of reservation. With night time temperatures in the teens and the possibility of ice and maybe snow next week, we are kind of rethinking this “stay at home this winter and finish renovating the upstairs.” We really questioned the logic when Mom told us it was 70° in College Station earlier this evening. But, since we are here, we will make the best of it.

The Wanderer has been emptied and thoroughly cleaned. Captain has installed a back-up camera and replaced the power converter. After her check-up maintenance service, she will be ready to hibernate in winter storage.

Speaking of check-ups, we made a trip to Nashville for our annual medical and financial check-ups last week.

The best part of that trip was a (way too short) visit with our friends, John and Melissa; the second best part was (let’s get this clear, for ABN,) a stop at The Container Store.

Inspired by Melissa (the queen of minimalism) she is so excited to start organizing the upstairs closets. Already the Free Friday Box has appeared on the curb with our no-longer wanted/needed stuff.  

We are so excited to prepare for Christmas this year; our girls are coming! The decorations are up, 

the menu is being planned, almost daily the UPS driver stops by and the craft studio is alive with music, the hum of the sewing machine and the smell of paint.

To all of you in the south and southwest, enjoy your warm weather; to friends/family in the north and midwest, hang in there, spring will come again; and those on the west coast, count your blessings. For us, we are going to work hard so next winter we can travel to warmer places.

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