Monday, September 26, 2016

Savannah, .Aww……….the Memories

Some of our favorite travel memories include a week spent in Savannah six years ago; so totally different than our revisit this week.

What brought us to Savannah in 2010 was the NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute) conference. (Captain spent 40 years in the nuclear energy industry.)  After the conference we extended our visit into a vacation.
On the company’s dime, we stayed at a luxury hotel, after the conference we moved to a Hilton Garden Inn. This is our lodging for this visit.

Skidaway Island State Park is spacious, pretty and very quiet. (Is it okay to collect the Spanish moss if it is lying on the ground?)

As part of the conference we dined in up-scaled restaurants requiring “dress-up.” ABN remembers navigating these streets in high heels!

This trip, definitely Teva’s!

We don’t recall who all attended the conference but we remember having drinks with Captain’s boss, Mike and of course Adam and Marissa from sales.

The highlight of the trip was an evening at “Tubby’s” on River Street.

A really good vocalist/guitarist was playing (sounded a lot like Zack Brown.) It was very crowded which left us standing at the bar. ABN happened to be wearing a leather jacket and leather beret; a guy approached her and says something like “Please tell me you have a Harley parked on the street.” Long story short, Pete’s party (Pennsylvania Air National Guards) asked us to join their table. We hung out with them the rest of the evening (I think we closed Tubby’s down). His wife, Maureen and ABN remain Facebook friends to this day. We were sad to learn, Tubby’s no longer has live entertainment.

One of the things ABN misses in retirement are the business trips when she could explore while Captain attended the conference. While roaming the streets in 2010, she found Kitchens on the Square and signed herself and Captain up for a cooking class.
Captain in 2010
The recipe for the Luscious Mac’n Cheese served at our annual Texas BBQ came from that class. Of course it was on our list of places to revisit, sadly this is what we found.

We did find the Farmer’s Market

at Forsyth Park on Saturday

and walked over 10,000 steps exploring the city. We love all the green squares General James Oglethorpe planned when he laid out the city in 1733 and appreciate that the city continues to maintain 22 of the squares.(very nice for taking breaks from exploring.)

On Sunday, Captain dropped ABN in the city so she could once again explore her favorite shops (her way)

while he visited the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum.

We didn’t find any relatives or old friends in Savannah but we heard there might be a cousin in Charleston. Headed that way to check it out.

And how about those Aggies! Whoop!

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  1. Do you have his phone number in Charleston? I can send it by email if you want..

    1. I do. We talked yesterday evening and are getting together this afternoon. Love connecting with our large family spread throughout the country!