Monday, September 19, 2016

About to Cross the Line

This past week we hopped over to Jordan Lake near Raleigh so Captain could connect with a friend from his college days at A & M

and so we could get a tandem ride in with our friends, Claude and Smith.

We skittled back to Western North Carolina to spend the weekend with our niece, Sue, and her husband, Dave, at the construction site of their retirement home, The Moose Lodge, near Marble.
Yep, Captain was the sign artist.
Captain gets an introduction to skeet sheeting
and helped Dave finish the cover for the wood pile.

ABN got her long awaited visit to the John C. Campbell Folk Art School. You guessed right, it is in her plan to return to take a class. The big decision is which one(s!)

Nothing feeds our souls like spending time with family and watching the Aggies bring home a victory.

After wandering around in North Carolina the past two weeks, we are now crossing the state line into South Carolina.

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Jordan Lake, North Carolina

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  1. i desperately want to go to John C Campbell, too!!!!

  2. If you don't get their catalog, we now have two and will be happy to share (Both might be marked up a bit as Captain now has the bug.)