Thursday, August 20, 2015

Almost D-time!

It is almost D-time (departure) for our first extended trip.

Captain has completed his to-do list of minor house maintenance and repairs; he has installed a satellite dish on The Wanderer, taken the vehicles for their check-ups, mapped out the route, and programmed the GPS.

ABN has the garden prepared (well almost,) given the house a thorough cleaning (kind of,) put together some to-go craft kits, handed off Master Gardener duties, and thought a lot about what clothes and food to take. 
With plans for a stop at the Truman Library, she is half-way through her 2nd read of Truman by David McCullough. (first read was several years ago.)

The neighborhood watch has been alerted, friends and family on the travel route have been contacted and arrangements made for the care of our home.

Only one small regret, our figs are just now ripening and the trees are loaded. I do hope friends and neighbors will not let them go to waste. On the bright side, we should be able to get our fill of figs in California!

Now, on to the packing!

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