Monday, June 12, 2017

Why North Dakota?

This past week we celebrated Captain’s mom’s 90th birthday with a trip to North Dakota.
Why North Dakota and not some exotic place like Hawaii? Because she had never been there; she had visited every state in the union except North Dakota. 

Crossed this off the "bucket list."
As we were driving from Rapid City, South Dakota on Hwy. 85, she remarked she “remembered why they (she and Captain’s dad) didn’t go to North Dakota.” (It was a very boring drive.) I think she changed her opinion as we drove the Enchanted Highway into Dickinson.

And she really enjoyed Teddy Roosevelt National Park.

Dickinson is a very small town without a lot of dining choices, but we did find Sanford’s. Probably worth the 3.5 rating. It certainly was entertaining.

Since we were so close to Montana, we thought we might as well wander on over to Billings and catch up with Cousin Chuck who surprised Mom with a birthday cake.

It just happened that Mom’s great-niece, Lindsey was also celebrating a birthday.

On Saturday, Chuck was our tour guide as we drove the Beartooth Highway through the Beartooth Mountains up to Beartooth Pass (unfortunately the pass was closed because of snow.) The Beartooth Mountains are amazingly beautiful.

And a bit chilly.
And very windy.
We got just enough taste to know we will return when we can spend more time and hike some of Chuck’s favorite trails.
Mom with Captain, Cousin Chuck and Rex

Chuck and Terri are wonderful hosts; we all enjoyed our visit. (They even turned on the College Baseball Super Regional Tournament so we could watch the Aggies win over Davidson and advance to the College World Series.)
Mom, Rex and Anna have returned to Texas. 

After a birthday brunch for ABN at The Fieldhouse,

we leave our camp site on the Yellowstone River

and point The Wanderer westward.

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  1. So awesome that the family vacations together. Looks like a good time, and now Randy's mom will have to start a new bucket list.