Friday, February 19, 2016

Texas, we are back!

Leaving Mesa, AZ, we decided at the last minute to take U.S. Hwy 60 instead of I-10. What a beautiful route right through the Tonto National Forest and the Pinal Mountain Range.

We continued on toward Texas via through the Guatalupe Mountains. 
(come ride a spell with us)
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Stopping for a couple of days at Carlsbad we climbed down into the Carlsbad Caverns, about 700 feet (the elevator was out so we had to climb back up 700 feet.)

While we were down there, we took a look around.

Okay, enough of the distractions, we must be on our way to College Station.

But not without stopping to see our good friends, Steve and Wendy in Andrews, TX. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and a wonderful evening comparing travel notes, sharing grandchildren stories, discussing a bit of politics and catching them up on the changes in our hometown since they left nine years earlier. Afterwards we retired to The Wanderer which was parked for the night in front of their home.

Avoiding the interstate highway in Arizona was such a treat we decided to nix the interstate highways as we continued across Texas. Not as picturesque (actually pretty boring) with miles and miles of flat terrain, oil rigs and windmills. Of course if we were on the interstate it would still be boring. We found the secondary highways to have very little traffic, most are four-lane and with plenty of opportunities to pull over and take a break. Driving through the small towns gives us more of a sense of exploration.

Half-way between Andrews and College Station, we found Lake Brownwood State Park a good place to spend the night.

Who says you can't go home again?

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