Friday, February 5, 2016

Greetings from the Tucson Area

Our view this week has been that of the 1500-ft. Picacho Peak

Since the temperature warmed a bit we hiked a trail part way up the mountain. It was perhaps one of the most rugged trails we have hiked. We don't really know the elevation or distance, but we ascended for an hour and it took about 90-minutes (and a couple of tears to ABN’s pants from scooting) to descend.

We also did an easier hike in beautiful Catalina State Park located almost in the backyard of ABN’s cousin, Lin and her husband Fred.

With Lin and Fred, we toured the “world-renowned Biosphere 2, a conceptual and engineering marvel created to better understand how natural environments generate conditions appropriate for life.” In 1991 a team of 4 women and 4 men lived for 2 years in the sealed facility. They lived off the food they grew in their garden, eggs from their chickens and a few fish from the simulated ocean. As one of the women stated, they had excellent nutrition but not enough calories. Currently the massive facility is run by the University of Arizona for environmental research.

Lin and Fred took us to their favorite restaurant in Tucson, Paco Casa. Our meals were outstanding!

Hanging out and remembering the times and people of bygone years with Lin and Fred, well it's just fun.

ABN got her creative fix taking a workshop on resin at the TucsonMineral, Gem and Bead Show. The workshop was taught by Susan Lenert Kazmer, who developed the product, Ice Resin. For ABN, it just whetted her appetite to return next year.

Next week's weather promises to be beautiful in the Chandler/Mesa area. We will wander on up there to spend some time with ABN's sister and husband and hopefully do some cycling.

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