Sunday, January 24, 2016

Davis Mountains

Exactly where are the Davis Mountains? They are located in west Texas, right smack in the middle of Nowhere. Located in the mountains is Fort Davis, an old frontier military post and also the town of Fort Davis, population 1200.

Davis Mountain State Park is where we parked The Wanderer for a few nights.

Looking through the information provided by the park service, we chose to drive the 70-mile Scenic Wildlife Loop. Basically it was 70 miles of views very similar to this,

And a lot of rocks.

We did see one road runner, one mule deer and a free range bovine bull.

We hiked up a mountain for the scenic view
  (and for cell phone service)                                      
and back down for a 4-mile pretty rugged hike.

Located about 16 miles from the campground is the McDonald Observatory where we attended a Star Party (no celebrities or wine, just star gazing.) Captain thought looking at the moon and stars through the huge optical telescopes was pretty cool.

Saturday night we lined up with a couple dozen 18-wheelers and half a dozen RVs at the Walmart in Deming, New Mexico. Sunday morning we discovered a flat tire on The Wanderer. Since we were in a safe area, the weather was nice and our next destination was only about 3 hours away, Captain decided this was the perfect time to try changing the tire himself. Success! It was convenient that this Walmart had a tire center. While Captain was changing the tire, ABN made arrangements for the tire to be checked. We left the tire, walked over to iHop for breakfast, when we returned the tire was ready. The tire was fine, as Captain expected, the valve stem extender was leaking. Oh, and Walmart did not charge for looking at the tire.

For the next week, we will be based out of Bisbee, Arizona. What's in Bisbee? We don't know yet, we just got here.

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