Monday, January 4, 2016

Celebrating in San Antonio

New Year’s found us celebrating on the River Walk in San Antonio. Captain's mom and brother joined us as we toured the "must visits when in San Antonio." 

Captain and brother stroll through Historic Market Square bursting at the seams with colorful Mexican artistic and ethnic products.

Mom watched a magician show while the guys stood in line to buy pastries at Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery

The Guenther House for lunch. You know those biscuits from our kitchen that some of you are fond of, they are made with the Pioneer Biscuit Mix, the mill was renamed Pioneer Flour Mill in 1898. The former Guenther Home is now a wonderful restaurant, shop and museum. 

ABN was pulled into the historic LaVillita Art Village where she poked around for a couple of hours. (Mom and the guys headed back to the hotel to watch football and play cards.) There are some exceptional works of arts here.

You can find more photos and information over on the Craftingfrom the Underground blog.

Oregon and TCU were in town for the Alamo Bowl.  Their pep rallies were held at the outdoor theater which included a battle of the bands. While both bands were good, neither rivaled the Fighting Texas Aggie Band (yeah, we know, our bias is showing.)

The River Walk was beautiful with Christmas lights that presented a festive ambiance for New Year's Eve.

Since our last visit, the River Walk has had some expansion, including a 4.5 mile section known as the Museum Reach. We noted that at about 2 miles was the Pearl Brewery. If you know Captain, then you can pretty well guess what happens next; we couldn't miss an opportunity to sample some local beer, now could we? After Mom and Brother left on New Year's Day we started off on a somewhat damp and cool, but interesting walk toward the brewery. 

The Pearl Brewery we discovered is no longer a brewery but a neighborhood with restaurants, shops and a farmer's market. Of course all the shops were closed so we stopped at the Boiler House Texas Grill and Wine Garden for lunch.

What does one do on a rainy Saturday in San Antonio? ABN spent the afternoon at the McNay Art Gallery.
Favorite painting in the museum by Ben Shahn

Most interesting piece was an entire art studio made from cardboard. This is just one wall. 
Captain took the opportunity to see The Force Awakens at the cinema.  That didn't go as planned, Captain decided to forgo the $1.50 online advance purchase fee, arrived at the theater to find the movie was sold out. He elected to hang out at Chili's and watch football.

Our best meal in San Antonio was the Crepas de Pato / Duck Crepes at Acenars.

Looking forward to new adventures, especially in The Wanderer in 2016!

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