Tuesday, June 30, 2015

So, here we are 10-Years Later

Ten years ago we found our little cottage; or maybe the cottage found us. It did not fit our criteria; we were adamant we must have two full baths, a garage and seriously wanted a screened porch. She had one bath, no garage and no screened porch. But she felt right, so we bought her.

It has been a labor of love ever since! We immediately had another bath installed and a garage and carport built and our canvas was ready. Over the past 10 years we have changed the landscape dramatically. ABN comes up with ideas and Captain brings them to fruition.

June 2005

June 2015 Yep, Captain built the screened porch and added the side deck.
2005 view from the deck
2015 view from the screened porch
The back yard in 2005
The backyard in 2015
So, is the canvas finished? Of course not! Finishing touches are needed in ABN’s studio, aka The Underground, ABN has ideas on updating the upstairs bedroom, the dining room is calling for some built-ins, and something was said about a fire-pit. There is no rush; we’ll work it in around bike rides, travel, football games and glasses of wine with friends on the porch. 

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  1. your outdoor living is super , thanks for the tour