Friday, July 28, 2017

What happens when an engineer is elected president?

From the Sierra Nevada Foothills, through the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains,

through miles and miles of high desert

Campground in Tonopah, Nevada
No, not a wildfire; this is a sunset we saw from the campground in Tonopah, Nevada. 
through the Amargosa Desert,
through Las Vegas
We didn't stop in Vegas (spent most of our discretionary budget on wine.) 

we arrive at Boulder City and Hoover Dam.

Captain will be driving The Wanderer over this bridge tomorrow (while ABN is trying to take photos.)
And this is what you get when you elect an engineer as president. Having visited the Hoover Library earlier in the trip made the visit to Hoover Dam more interesting.

Leaving the desert dry heat, hoping for cooler temperatures, we are continuing east; we will stop for a few days at the Grand Canyon. Since we will be dry camping in Mather Campground inside the park it is very likely we will be off the grid for a few days.

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