Sunday, April 17, 2016

It is Quilt Week in Quilt City!

This is the week our entire town is turned over to quilters from throughout the world. We happily hand them our  restaurants, our streets, our hotels and our guest rooms.

Our town will more than double in population this week. We will have more visitors than our hotels and those within an hour's drive can accommodate. So we have an opportunity to play Bed and Breakfast and help our favorite non-profit. Registering with the convention and tourism bureau, we can rent our guest room out for the week. Since we are not zoned for business, this can only be done during Quilt Week and proceeds must be donated to a non-profit. We participated as hosts and met the nicest ladies from northern Illinois. The same group returned to stay with us for a total of 8 years. After Captain retired we felt it was time to disengage from the fund raising Bed and Breakfast venture so we could invite our quilter friends.

This week we are delighted to hosts our good friends from South Carolina. Carol and Lee, your room is ready!

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