Friday, November 13, 2015

We are home!

After 12 weeks away from home, 14 states, 6078 miles, 5 presidential libraries/museums, 32 wineries, 4 football games, and 9 Walmart parking lot stays, we have returned!

Our souls have truly been fed with time spent with family and old friends as well with the making new friends. Whether it is sharing Tipsy Tuesday, hanging out with "the book club" at Carney’s, meeting former classmates for coffee, playing dominoes with family or connecting with other travelers, it’s the folks that make our travels truly rich. And it’s not only on the road.
Arriving home we found our front lawn looking neat with the leaves raked and a dozen farm fresh eggs in the fridge (thank you neighbors!) While unloading The Wanderer, our dear friend, Jean pulls up with dinner ready to put in the oven! Indeed, it is the people in our lives that make our lives rich.

So, what else did we find when we arrived home?
3 months of mail neatly sorted and stacked (thank you, Mark.)
A patio full of leaves waiting to be shredded for mulch. 
And a water leak in the basement. Fortunately the water was turned off and we found the problem as soon as the water was turned on. It was a minor problem that Captain was able to fix, so no damage or huge plumbing bill.

We are totally enamored with The Wanderer! She has been quite the lady providing us comfort and flexibility as we explore this wonderful country of ours. We will give her a brief rest before heading out again.

 A huge thank you to our good friends and neighbors, Barbara and Mark, for keeping watch over our home while we were away.

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