Tuesday, July 21, 2015

So, what exactly is Tipsy Tuesday?

During the summer, folks driving past our house on a Tuesday will most likely see this flag (or they
may see a photo of it on Facebook.) Here's the scoop.

A few years ago a friend and I were lamenting that we never got together anymore. We were both busy, she with golf, Captain and I with bicycling. The only evening of the week neither of us had a regular commitment was Tuesday, so we decided to have a glass of wine on our patio after work on Tuesday evenings. Mutual friends began to join us, then some neighbors, then friends of friends and Tipsy Tuesday became a tradition. No invitations are issued; if one sees the flag and knows what it means they are invited. No one is expected to bring anything but sometimes a bottle of wine or hors d'oeuvres will appear. Sometimes we have one or two folks other times we may have a dozen or so. We have regulars and some that pop in from time to time. This is the third season for Tipsy Tuesday, two or three times it has been just Captain and I (and that's okay.)

Our lives are greatly enriched with friends, old and new. Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing new friendships form on our patio and porch. Well, except when we make new friends with friends of friends.

How does one prepare for an unknown number of guests each week? We sweep the patio, dust the furniture, open a bottle of wine, set out a simple snack and put the flag out. We keep it very simple. If the flag is not out, folks know we are not having Tipsy Tuesday.

It is Tuesday and the flag is out!

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  1. Nice post. Even nicer, your gracious hospitality! Thank you for welcoming "friends of friends" who then become...friends! :-)