Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our First Boondocking, aka Living Off the Grid

For three days and three nights our home base last weekend was on a parking lot at Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY. No electricity, water or sewage hookups. How did that work out for us? Actually it was much better than I expected.  Our electrical needs were powered by an 85 watt solar panel on the top of The Wanderer. We do have a generator, but didn’t need to use it. Fortunately we have the propane gas tank to cool the refrigerator and heat the water. We had cold beer and hot showers! The fresh water tank held more than enough water for washing dishes and quick showers. The black water tank (for sewage) and gray water tank (all other waste water) were more than sufficient to hold our waste water. With many years of tent camping experience, frugality with resources came natural.

Without all those years of setting up camp in the rain, trotting to campground restrooms in the middle of the night and sleeping on the ground, I don’t think we would truly be able to appreciate the comforts of The Wanderer. We felt we were in luxurious accommodations!

Stoker's View

We were in Georgetown for the 38th Annual  Horsey Hundred bicycle ride. We have lost  track of the number of times we have  participated in this ride. In all the previous  years we stayed in the noisy, college dorms  with down the hall showers and restrooms;  slightly better than sleeping in tents. Did I  mention how much we appreciate The  Wanderer?
Stoker's View
Horse country rates right up there with East Tennessee as a favorite place to ride. Riding the rolling hills past horse farms and green pastures is a tandem team’s dream.

We couldn’t help but think about the many friends with whom we have shared this experience and there were a lot of “remember whens.”

Over the past 10 days, I (ABN) read a book (Storm Clouds Rolling In, the first of Ginny Dye’s Bregdan Chronicles) and finished a cross stitch piece started 14 years ago. Captain slept late, tinkered with The Wanderer and read A Wrinkle in Time. Together we cycled 188 miles, connected with friends and enjoyed a new adventure. Yep, we think we will like retirement just fine!

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